Report of the Mexico City Human Rigths Commission about the national and local situation of the extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions

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April, 2013, Mexico City, Mexico

The CDHDF is a quasi-jurisdictional which competence is determined in accordance with article 102 section B of the Constitution of the United Mexican States, its competence is local and is a part of the institutional structure of the Mexican state that safeguards Mexico City citizens’ Human Rights. The CDHDF carries out a work of defense, promotion, education, research and diffusion of Human Rights in Mexico City, which functioning, in line with the principle of this Country, is autonomous in financial and administrative matters as well as independent in its resolutions. In consideration of the foregoing and due to his visit in Mexico, the Human Rights Commission for Mexico City (hereinafter CDHDF) submits to your consideration this Report herein, expecting that its contents provide you with additional and valuable information on the situation concerning arbitrary, summary or extrajudicial executions in our country with emphasis on Mexico City and the behavior of its authorities.

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